Samstag, 12. März 2011

Clone tube animation test 3

Today I expanded my scene with my own designed gate and furtherly a basic wall and floor tile. I am quiete sure it is the blender animation with the most clone tube count, namely in the scene are completely 72 clone tubes amd each one is individually animated.

Here are the facts:

Length: 800 frames
Render time: ca. 3h @Full HD
Poly count: 670k (each tube around 8k polys)
Number of clone tubes: 72
Number of animated clone tubes: 72
camera used: 70mm
Render settings: no mirror, no raytraced tranparency, no subdivion surface, no edge split, no AO

Here's the 3D viewport view from blender. The complete light comes from 2 giant spotlights (selected objects) and 1 small spotligh parented right behing the camera.

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