Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Advanced industrial robot rigging 1

The last few days I spent quiet some time to improve my 6-axis assembly line/industrial robot rig. As I didn't found any blender tutorial I was very inventive. A very good solution I came up with was to use locked track constraints with 2 control bones and two remaining FK bones and one remainig root bone .

You can see this effective rig here in action:

So what did I modify:

- added 2 more control bones, one at the welding gun tip, one at the robot back.
- moved bones arm1, arm2, arm3, arm4 to bone layer 2 and put on each a locked track contraint. arm1 and arm2 track to back control bone, arm3 and arm4 track to weldung gun tip. Used more or less try-and-error to figure out correct lock axis on the locked track contraints
- parented control bones to turret bone (not root!)

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