Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Preparing my demo reel 3

Today I finished my first animation (620 frames) for my demo reel. As you already might have guessed it is my assemly line robot clip - but as stylish as you never haven seen one:

As the quality on youtube is a bit reduced here are some renders directly from Blender:

As usual I share here some useful tips from the production:

- before doublicating the model, key poses in the pose library, every doublicate will then have the same pose library
- for robot animation linear interpolation curves work best - or do you need slow in slow out?
- typically industrial robots hold a pose before changing to the next pose, and they do change quickly to new poses as you might see in reference videos from youtube. I used 20 frames for holding a pose and 30 frames for a quick pose change
- you would never guessed it but there is no subdivision surface used in this render. Smooth shading in combination with the right topology does have nearly the same effect as subsurf level 1
- a view port render is fast and you see animation mistakes easily esp. if the frame rate within the viewport is too slow

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